How Several US companies have extracted the creative wealth of the entire Globe..

By: Stuart Wilson

Spotify’s current shareholders major labels such as Sony Music and Universal Music, two powerful publicly traded major record labels. As such, they have an interest in paying artists less for music.  Essentially, they have used their artist’s music as a bargaining tool to change their fundamental business to one that values the platform over the music and leaves out the necessity to compensate anyone based on real world terms because they gave the music to their own company for free basically.  Payments are also skewed in favour the artists of these ‘major labels’ and artist with more market share, make a larger percentage from each stream that those with a lesser market share. Meaning the top artists are being supplemented by independents; adding insult to injury.  Independent labels are hurting just as much as artists under these practices and they are often times further damaged by being grouped in with the, “It’s the labels making all the money”. When in fact, it’s only the Majors and their subsidiaries. The game is rigged in their favour.  Several American companies have extracted the wealth of the entire ‘musical creative world' by using their artists music to change the fundamental way music is consumed in order to pay the artist less, whilst enriching themselves with stock.  There is also the issue of stream ripping from sites like youtube, which is basically a legal pirating site.  Youtube does not pay creators who do not have 1,000 subscribers, despite these persons contributing to the pull and lure of their platform. On top of this, they allow persons to download the music of artists whose music many times has been put on the platform authorisation. The DMCA notice has allowed them to enrich themselves off the backs of creators and then close the door on monetisation for those who made the platform viable in the first instance.  Creative industries are being fleeced by the big tech firms who have now taken their ‘act’ in to the realm of politics; influencing elections and putting us all at risk of tyranny and servitude.  The risks of inaction are clear.  Unless there is a significant shift of power at the ownership level, we’ll see more economic inequality, exploitation, and value extraction from artists.

By Stuart Wilson

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Stuart Wilson's blend of Reggae, Jazz, Blues and Dub is catching on, FAST!!

With a string of upcoming shows and a steady recording schedule Stuart Wilson has caught the Reggae Industry off-guard.

"None of us saw this coming but I think it's exactly what's needed right now". This is top-shelf Reggae with shades of all sorts of other genres coming through," noted Music Journalist Penelope Jordan.

Stuart Wilson is originally from the Cayman Islands, though his father is from Jamaica and Stuart spent a great deal of time there growing up.

He says his passion and inspiration come from always pushing the limits and challenging where the music can go.

Stuart's music can be heard on the Reggae Renaissance Playlist on Spotify at:

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With much of today's music being produced using a factory style of production and promotion, the current trends in the main stream music industry appear to be similar to those that govern the fast food industry.

Much of what consumers/listeners are fed has not been wholesome or nourishing and with the uniformity and similarity that proliferates in the music market, many true music fans have been left wanting a more rich sonic experience; a more organic, sincere and authentic approach to the art of making music.

Cayman Islands Reggae/Jazz Musician Stuart Wilson has been turning this paradigm on its head.

The artist, who is also a well recognized guitarist, song writer, entrepreneur, Record Label Executive and Journalist, as well as a philanthropist has been investing his own money in creating some of the richest and most progressive music that can be heard today.

He works with Grammy Winning producers, has toured Thailand and Asia, played Reggae Sumfest and now has one of the number one songs in Jamaica and the Caribbean, all in the space of two years.

As a result of Stuart Wilson’s unique style of Reggae and the trail the artist has been blazing, we have compiled 5 reasons why you should be listening to Stuart Wilson's Music.

1. An Interesting, New and Refreshing Sound

One of the major reasons you should be listening to Stuart Wilson is the fact that there is nothing else that sounds even remotely similar. Stuart's music is a blend of Reggae, Jazz, Blues and Classical Rock and the artist describes his sound as a "hybrid with sprinkles of different flavors".

2. Stuart's Wilson's Music is for thinking people

This artist is one that certainly loves the world of academia and it shows, not only in his music but also in his personal life. His LinkedIn profile describes him as a scholar, among other things. His approach to music is also academic and experimental in many respects.

3. A message of Self Actualization

If you are into meditation, healing, self actualization, then this is the music for you. It's a bit of Bob Marley with some John Lennon and Lenny Kravitz mixed in. It’s a major jolt for your imagination and blood flow..... #Exhilerating… This music takes you on a journey.

4. Top level production

Much of Stuart Wilson's music is co-produced by people like Grammy nominated Clive Hunt and Grammy Winner Jason Gilbert. The artist goes to great lengths to get only the best musicians and producers in the world and says the process of making music is communal and organic.

5. A return to melody

The songs that Stuart Wilson composes feature the artist’s trademark style, using melody to bring out emotions in the listener. The musical is almost classical in its approach all the while maintaining its Reggae formula and integrity.

Be sure to check out Stuart Wilson’s Music at or listen to the artist on Apple Music or Spotify @

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