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Linkedin Has A Social Problem




Linkedin as a social platform kind of has a social problem.


No doubt there has been much success on Linkedin through the years; with a litany of deals being made and powerful alliances being etched out. 


Amid this great record of success, there is an undercurrent of a new culture emerging that is more content to look through the window than actually do something that might be unconventional.  


The majority of people on the site view any show of enthusiasm as weakness.  Many may be paying more attention to personal image and perceived  leverage in their own minds, rather closing a deal or make substantive progress.  


Another issue that is plaguing the platform is that many of its users seem to only check their accounts every other week on average.The result is that there is no urgency or expedience in most affairs.

It may also be that people just don't appreciate how important timing is in some industries. 

For instance, if you are pushing a single and need to do things in a timely manner that compliments promotional efforts but you are waiting to hear back from a publicist or curator, you are probably going to have to find someone in the real world as opposed to someone on Linkedin who thinks appearing to be elusive is a type of currency.......... #Newsflash: It's not!

The funny thing about this approach is that in sizing up a prospective lead, it is easy to get lost in our own perception and forget that the world is bigger than the cubicle we've been sentenced to.

The fact of the matter is that in today's world, the next most interesting thing thing is usually a click away.

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